Undiagnosed Chronic Pain

When chronic pain is undiagnosed, it means that the medical experts have not found a reason for it. This is essentially very good news, as it means that as far as they can tell, there is no illness (pathology) present. When undiagnosed, chronic pain is then most likely to be due to soft tissue, muscular or fascial restrictions. Please go to Our Approach for more information about how chronic pain accompanies Myofascial restrictions, scar tissue and adhesions, visceral restrictions and dural tube restrictions, and what we can do about these at the Trauma Recovery Clinic. Undiagnosed chronic pain may also be due to myofascial pain syndrome which is a combination of trigger points and fascial adhesions.

Sometimes chronic, undiagnosed pain is due to overwhelming stress or trauma. We use Somatic Experiencing in this case.

Chronic pain accompanying Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is also best treated through very gentle, targeted Myofascial Release. Please go to the Fibromayalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome page for more information on how we adapt our approaches at the Trauma Recovery Clinic to achieve best results for these syndromes.