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Bookings and enquiries

Enquiries are most easily made by phone on 07890 212076. Please do feel free to phone Anne if you are not sure about booking on to a paid programme.  It is really important that we find the right approach for you, and Anne can help you do that.

Booking on the online coaching programme The Calm, Confident Brain

For access to online coaching for immediate help and to learn how to change unconscious brain patterns please go to The Calm,  Confident Brain.  The fee for this video programme is £120 single payment and I have drawn together all the essentials of dealing with anxiety and overwhelm.  The programme is immediately accessible and has no end date.  There is group support via the private FaceBook group Calm Confident Brain Posse, where I hang out to give you support and encouragement and to celebrate your wins and answer any questions you have.  It’s a place for encouragement and support so you are not doing this alone!  If you are not sure whether the programme is a good fit for your needs, please do give me a ring.

Booking on the online coaching programme Making Great Life Decisions

This programme is about seeing you take charge of your life, whatever you have been through up to now.  Leave behind self-doubt, procrastination, and inner conflict, and connect deeply with your sense of purpose, with me in this fully supported online programme.  I help you connect with who you are, deep down inside, and get rational and unconscious aspects of your brain on to the same page, so you can discover the roadmap for who you are right now, and make the changes you want.  This programme includes fortnightly group coaching as standard with all editions.

Click here for all the information, and give me a ring if you would like to talk over whether it is suitable for you, or if you would like more information.  Making Great Life Decisions

Free programmes

Free programmes are available, and you can access them from here.  These will give you immediate help, and also let you see how I work, before booking on to a paid programme.  You are welcome to any or all of the free programmes!   Please click on the links to gain access to each programme.

Morning anxiety

A free video series for everyone who battles morning anxiety and needs the tools to get their day started with confidence.  Here are five tried and tested, highly effective ways to get you up and enjoying the morning!   This was a facebook series and is available at no cost before it is rerecorded professionally.  Click on the blue link above to access this series.

Escaping anxious thinking loops

Discover how to deal with catastrophising, generalising, labelling, personalising, and the natural negative bias, so you can feel reassured, and make the right decisions for you.  This was a facebook series and is available at no cost before it is rerecorded professionally.  Access this by clicking on the blue link above.

The three most common mistakes in making big decisions

A PDF download.  Discover the three most common mistakes in making big decisions:  how and why to avoid them, and what to do instead.  Click on the blue link above for your download.

Saying “NO” like a pro

We often find it very difficult to say “no” without sounding rude, selfish, or without inviting conflict.  It helps to have the words, and to know how to say them.  With this PDF download you can discover how to hold your ground, say what you want (and what you don’t want), and how to say “No” without being rude.  Discover the rules and use the mix and match words and phrases to be gentle but firm.  Click on the blue link above.

Changing how we feel about money

This is a 21 day email challenge to root out your negative or harmful beliefs about money, wealth, and what it feels like to have money.  Each day there is a new email with a short exercise, as I guide you through rooting out beliefs and thoughts, deciding which ones you want to keep and which you want to leave behind, and, of course, which new beliefs and thoughts you want to take on.  Bit by bit you will find new beliefs to substitute for the old, unwanted ones, and you’ll also discover how to install these beliefs so they stay with you and become automatic.  There’s a video series to accompany the emails in the facebook group, which you can access when you join.  Click on the blue link above to start.

This programme is based on neuroscience and utilises current research into how we automate thoughts and beliefs (and behaviours!) so they become unconscious – a little like how we ride a bike or use our phones, without having to consciously think about how to do it.  

“The fact that I now know what to do if I get anxious is a godsend.  Why is this not available to everyone?”

Barbara D. Borders

How to get in touch

By phone

By far the easiest way is to telephone Anne on 07890 212076.  Please do feel free to get in touch if you are not sure which programme is right for you, or if you would like more information.

By email

You can email Anne by clicking here


The Trauma Recovery Clinic is a private organisation and fees are as follows: 

Making Great Life Decisions online coaching programme from £1995 one time payment, and no expiry date.  This programme comes with fortnightly group coaching as standard.  Payment by instalments is available.

Calm, Confident Brain online coaching programme £120, one time payment and no expiry date.  This programme comes with a private Facebook group.

Discover your Sense of Self online programme £49

All free programmes are free!


One-to-one Zoom consultations for those booked on the Making Great Life Decisions programme with one-to-one coaching, are available Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Please ring me to make a booking.